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Remeha - Boiler Parts and Spares

All remanufactured Remeha Boiler Parts and Spares are the equivalent to or even better than new, in terms of quality and reliability performance. The remanufactured Remeha PCBs and Fans are suitable for Remeha boiler repairs and are covered by RE-CARE 3 Year warranty. When it comes to remanufacturing Remeha boiler spares and replacement parts, we are the experts. You can be confident in receiving remanufactured Remeha boiler spares in an excellent condition well below the cost of an equivalent new Remeha spare part. Remanufactured Remeha boiler parts and spares are proven, well used and successful. Remanufactured Remeha spares should only be fitted by a suitably qualified competent person.

S103124 Remeha PCB

BIC 321 Avanta

S100011 Remeha Fan




S103150 Remeha Fan

EBM G3G25 Gas 310/610 ECO Pro

S58613 Remeha PCB

MCBA 1485D Gas 310/610 ECO



S100859 Remeha PCB Display


S53556 Remeha Fan

Gas 210 ECO



S101518 Remeha PCB

PCU-04 Quinta Pro

S100036 Remeha Fan

Quinta 115 Pro  110-115kW



S59402 Remeha PCB

MCBA 1461D Quinta 10-25-28-30-35-45-65-85

More items coming soon !