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All remanufactured Glow-worm Boiler Parts and Spares are the equivalent to or even better than new, in terms of quality and reliability performance. The remanufactured Glow-worm PCBs and Fans are suitable for Glow-worm boiler repairs and are covered by RE-CARE 3 Year warranty. When it comes to remanufacturing Glow-worm boiler spares and replacement parts, we are the experts. You can be confident in receiving remanufactured Glow-worm boiler spares in a splendid condition well below the cost of an equivalent new Glow-worm spare part. Remanufactured Glow-worm boiler parts and spares are proven, well used and successful. Remanufactured Glow-worm spares should only be fitted by a suitably qualified competent person.

2000802731 Glow-worm PCB

801645 Glow-worm Fan



2000802038 Glow-worm PCB

S227033 Glow-worm Fan



20020734 Glow-worm Fan

0020037309 Glow-worm Fan



2000802204 Glow-worm Fan

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